Pyroute2 is a pure Python netlink and Linux network configuration library. It requires only Python stdlib, no 3rd party libraries. Later it can change, but the deps tree will remain as simple, as it is possible.

The library provides several modules:

  • Netlink protocol implementations (RTNetlink, TaskStats, etc)
    • rtnl, network settings — addresses, routes, traffic controls
    • nl80211 — wireless functions API (work in progress)
    • nfnetlink — netfilter API: ipset (work in progress), ...
    • ipq — simplest userspace packet filtering, iptables QUEUE target
    • taskstats — extended process statistics
  • Simple netlink socket object, that can be used in poll/select

  • Network configuration module IPRoute provides API that in some way resembles ip/tc functionality

  • IPDB is an async transactional database of Linux network settings

network namespace samples

Network namespace manipulation:

from pyroute2 import netns
# create netns
# list
# remove netns

Create veth interfaces pair and move to netns:

from pyroute2 import IPDB

ip = IPDB()
# create interface pair
ip.create(ifname='v0p0', kind='veth', peer='v0p1').commit()
# move peer to netns
with ip.interfaces.v0p1 as veth:
    veth.net_ns_fd = 'test'
# don't forget to release before exit

List interfaces in some netns:

from pyroute2 import NetNS
from pprint import pprint

ns = NetNS('test')

More details and samples see in the documentation.


make install or pip install pyroute2


Python >= 2.6

The pyroute2 testing framework requires flake8, coverage, nosetests.

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