Project contribution guide

To contribute the code to the project, you can use the github instruments: issues and pull-requests. See more on the project github page:


The code should comply with some requirements:

  • the library must work on Python >= 2.6 and 3.2.
  • the code must strictly comply with PEP8 (use flake8)
  • the ctypes usage must not break the library on SELinux


It would be good to have the code covered with tests. The project now uses nosetests for this purpose.

To run the full test cycle on the project, using a specific python, making html coverage report:

$ sudo make test python=python3 coverage=html

To run a specific test module:

$ sudo make test module=test_ipdb:TestExplicit

Please keep in mind, that by default the test cycle starts with python -W error, which means that python will fail in the case of any warning. Since some Linux distributives allow really bad modules to be emerged, you probably will need to switch this behaviour off using wlevel parameter:

$ sudo make test wlevel=ignore

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